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When it comes to wedding photography pricing you'll find that photographers vary widely,

both in price and in what you get for your money.  

That's because wedding photographers vary in talent, experience, and quality.

What sets Valencia Photography apart is a boutique hand-held experience for every Valencia Bride.


Valencia Photography pricing and products custom wall art

first things first - AVAILABILITY

The first question I need to answer for you is "Are you available for my wedding day?" 

Just call 580-536-5947 to ask me or  contact me here to find out.

You can also schedule a chat with me for a more convenient time

Valencia Photography pricing and products large wall art

Sometimes the details are captivating, like a close up of Tabitha and Zachary's wedding rings on their antique gun.


...If I'm available, YAY!

Wedding photography pricing and products are formed with your experience at the center.:

Full service professional wedding photography


the beautiful things that remain after your wedding day:

custom wall art, luxurious albums & unique digital products is what Valencia Photography specializes in.

Collections begin at $1775 

We can talk about your budget and pricing more specifically after we meet at my home studio and talk about what you're looking for in your wedding photography coverage, like how many hours of wedding day photography you actually need.  

You'll be put on a payment schedule, so your wedding photography doesn't need to be paid for all at once.

And of course you may use a credit or debit card.

Is your budget WAY LESS than $1775? 

You should consider using one of my associate photographers instead of having me photograph your wedding.

Schedule a meet & greet

As a Valencia Bride, you'll be put on a payment schedule.  Your first payment  « along with a contract » will hold your wedding day. 

Your payments depend on how many months you have until your wedding day so the sooner you start, the better!


Valencia Photography pricing and products wedding album with torn edge paper

The torn edge pages of Tabitha & Zachary's wedding album gave it a handmade look that perfectly fit their style.

I'm excited to talk about your wedding photography!

Schedule a meet & greet



  • An easy payment schedule.  Your wedding photography doesn't need to be paid for all at once.
  • Lifetime Client Privileges:  A complimentary portrait session each year after your wedding.
  • Every Collection comes with an engagement session + an image box or album
  • Gorgeous photographs of course! 

valencia photography anniversary gift

This was an anniversary surprise I sent in the mail. I thought they would be nice to have during deployments.








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