Become An Associate Photographer

This opportunity is open to any past student.

Become an Associate Photographer



Would you like to book a photo gig without having to worry about marketing for it?

Would you like to be able to show up to a job, photograph (which is what your really love to do) then leave without worrying about all the other stuff that goes along with running the business side of a photography studio?

I've developed client packages just for my past students!

Sometimes I get requests for jobs that are a perfect opportunity for my students to get some real world experience, without the responsibility of the business side of  paid photography jobs (like a professional meeting space, booking software, insurance, marketing, and on and on)

How does it sound?  You'd get:

  1. get real world practice for a paying photography job
  2. not worry about finding photography clients that want to pay you
  3. not have to purchase insurance
  4. be able to use my studio to meet with paying photography clients
  5. not have to deal with booking, emailing, invoicing, scheduling, or delivering
  6. my guidance and training

What does it take to be an associate photographer?

Let's talk about it! If you're interested you know how to get in touch with me.