Become An Associate Photographer

This opportunity is open to any past student.

Become an Associate Photographer



There are many times that I get requests for photography jobs from clients that don't want to pay my prices. They really just want what I call "quick and dirty" digital images.  They don't care about their experience and aren't interested in albums or wall art.  And they don't too much care who takes the photos.

These jobs are the perfect opportunity for my students to get some real world experience, without the responsibility of the business side of  paid photography jobs (like a professional meeting space, booking software, insurance, marketing, and on and on)

If you're interested in becoming a business owner of your own photography business, this probably isn't for you.




get real world practice for a paying photography job

not worry about finding photography clients that want to pay you

not have to purchase insurance

be able to use my studio to meet with paying photography clients

not have to deal with booking, emailing, invoicing, scheduling, or delivering

What does it take to be an associate photographer?

There's 2 main things required that you should really think about

#1  You must be willing to sign A Non-Compete Agreement - for the period of one year, you are prohibited from using the business practices you learn while working for Valencia Photography to get your own clients or start your own photography business.

#2 You must be willing to allow Valencia Photography to retain the copyright to the images you take on the job

If after carefully considering those two things you're still interested or if you have any questions, send me a PM on Facebook or give me a call.